"I am one who tells the truth and exposes evil and seeks with beauty and for beauty to set the world right."
—W.E.B. Du Bois

“The question is not is the art up to this but what else is art for?"
—Charles Bernstein

What is Loft in the Red Zone?

Loft in the red Zone is a new pop-up art gallery focusing on art with social commentary.
It materialized in September 2011, for the 10th anniversary of the big American disaster, at the historic JP Morgan building on the Corner at 23 Wall Street, NYC.  Loft in the red Zone opened with a conceptual multimedia art installation/group show: Tribute to 9/11.
Within a week, the gallery was surrounded by the Occupy Wall Street actions and fenced with police barricades keeping the artistic tribute locked down from general public and press.
In response, Loft in the Red Zone created No Comment Art, show inspired by the Occupy Wall Street movement and the 9/11 aftermath.  The exhibit was hosted at the same iconic location on Wall Street, directly across from the New York Stock Exchange.

pop-up multimedia art gallery focusing on post 9/11 art with social commentary
Loft in the Red Zone presents

Walk Through

Tribute to 9/11 Show

No Comment Art I

No Comment Art II

No Comment Art III

No Comment Art.Moscow

In October 2011, Loft in the Red Zone popped up the No Comment Art II in Chelsea Art Museum, together with the 99% Art happening of Sonic Self.
In November 2011, Loft in the Red Zone popped up the No Comment Art III  as ART Speak & Chic in Midtown NY at Nexus Townhouse on 56th Street & 5th av.
Loft in the Red Zone will soon pop up with No Comment Art in Connecticut, Massachusetts, Washington DC, Miami, California and Europe. The gallery is preparing both Tribute to 9/11 and the No Comment Art shows to travel to Moscow, Russia, in Spring 2012.

Our mission is to create a better understanding between people regarding most current sociological and economic complications and impediments by encouraging the “No Comment Art” as post 9/11 political art, attempting to solve problems in the society by inspiring liberal, just and noble commentary.
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"Loft in The Red Zone" Project is an independent artist's initiative, fiscally sponsored by a non-profit art service organization and is supported by compassionate individuals and establishments.